"WOW" Factor with internal LED Digital Display Screens

  4 minute read What is a LED Digital Display Screen? LED technology has come a long way since the early 60’s when you could get LEDs in any colour as long as its red. Digital visual display technology has in recent years become more affordable, surpassing large format data Projector setups. A Digital Display Screen is made up of LED’s ( Light-emitting diodes ) factory assembled into modules Fig:01/02 at a specified Pixel Pitch (distance between each LED). The closer the pitch the better the image quality showing more detail.                                    Fig: 01                                                 Fig: 02 What size Display is right? LED displays are an incredible way to get noticed for the right reasons and create a visual “wow factor”. The general rule for LED pixel pitch is for each millimetre the LEDs are apart the distance for viewing should be one metre. For example, a P3 (pixel pitch 3mm) is best viewed at three plus metres distance. Shown in Table 2

Your Voice is Important

  4 Minute Read How can I be heard? The plain truth is if you’re looking to project your voice in a teaching/training environment then over time it's highly likely you will strain your voice. Yes, modern buildings have great acoustic design compared to ten years ago, but acoustic architecture is only a small part of being heard. In a modern learning/ training environment, the size of the space has increased, or the capacity of students has. So how do you project your voice to many without strain? Types of Voice amplification In an environment like a hall or theatre box, linear or ceiling speakers would generally be used, and are permanently set up to accommodate multiple users. Depending on the size of the environment speaker placement is key to being heard and can be an expensive exercise to get it just right. What about an ILS or Training space? The above scenarios are just not viable in spaces that change in configuration a lot. These rooms tend to have a lower ceilin